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What is auditing?

  1. The type of audit that we concern here is the audit of financial statements because it is mandatory for every company incorporated in Hong Kong;

  2. The goal of an audit is to express an opinion on the financial statements prepared by the company; whether the information on the financial statement is free from material error;

  3. As for this reason, the audit of financial statements has to be performed by an independent and competent person known as auditor or accountant, who then issue an auditor’s report based on the results of the audit.

What you will have after auditing?

  1. After the auditing, an auditor's report will be issued to the company by the accountant;

  2. An auditor's report is considered as an essential tool when reporting the financial information to users such as shareholders and banker.

Taxation service

T.W.Lam & Co.'s experienced tax planning professions can help client to make trailer-made report for financial planning, financial service and personal sales. With their helps, you can have better understanding about personal wealth and make budget planning and saving and investment planning.

Important Notes: Tax planning is a very important task and it should be keep updated consistently not once. A well good tax planning helps to make better decision, increase after taxable income and can even save the taxation cost.

If you want to understand more about our tax planning service, please contact Miss Yu (852) 2155 9987.


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